Our Mission

Our Mission

The Christina Renna Foundation is dedicated to supporting children’s cancer research and furthering awareness and education through the support of cancer groups and outreach programs for the direct support of those in need.

The Christina Renna Foundation Inc. is a nonprofit tax exempt foundation classified by the Internal Revenue Service under Section 501 (c)(3) and as a public charity.

Board of Directors

Philip Renna – Director
Daniel J. Renna – President
Katherine Renna – Treasurer
Steven Borrelli – Secretary

Advisory Council

Thomas A. Brennan – Advisory
Nicholas Cascio – Advisory
Peter Triolo- Advisory


Vincent Ayers – Trustee
Thomas Hand- Trustee
Patrick M. Pichichero- Trustee
Philip A. Renna- Trustee
Rae-Marie Renna – Trustee
Rene Renna – Trustee
Richard J. Renna- Trustee

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