CRF and the Village of Lindenhurst are teaming up to honor those children who have fought the battle against pediatric cancer.

On September 22nd through the 30th we will be lighting the tree center of Lindenhurst Village and placing gold bows in honor of those children who have been affected by cancer. Please show your support and honor a child by submitting their name, or join with us and take a bow in your name in the hope for “A prayer a wish and dream of cancer free world.”

In Honor and support of:

Christina Rose Renna  “A prayer a wish and dream of cancer free world, you have given life to our cause”

Nicholas Sicoli Friends Don’t Let Friends Fight Cancer Alone! With much love to the Sicoli Family”

Lillian Reggi “Lillian, your laughter echoes in our hearts! Just know how many people love you”

Joe Femminalla  “Saying prayers for everyone affected by this horrible disease.Proud of you Joe. Nice stache!!!! KCA St. Baldrick Brothers……..”

Maggie Schmidt  “We will never forget you!”

Patricia Curley

Brendan Rodrigues  “My son is my hero and bravest warrior! No child should have to face cancer! Mom of a Fighter,”

Autumn Michaelo  “Keep fighting girl, you are beautiful inside and out and we are all here to love and support you!”

Antonio Mattucci  “Antonio battled leukemia at a very young age. I’m happy to report that as of this past Friday, his cancer has been in remission for 10 years. This is a great cause and I’m happy to be a part of it.” 

Amanda Balik  “Lindenhurst High School Junior who survived Cancer (leukemia), she was diagnosed at the age of 7.” 

Seth Lewis  “To the strongest 2yr old i know, stay strong and keep kicking cancer’s butt!” 

Jordan Thomas  “This is for my best friend Jordan Thomas who lost the battle to pediatric cancer”

Sophia Amendola

Ashley Lyons “A childhood cancer survivor “

Mason Batz “Mason is a childhood cancer survivor who fought cancer and won!! He continues to amaze us everyday.” 

Petey Miceli “Childhood cancer survivor”

Karen Golden “In support of the awareness of children’s cancers.” 

Jacqueline Milton “A prayer a wish and dream of a cancer free world.”

Shamil Abait Bauer “I will like to help and are by our children every day! My grandson is a bright 10 year old with Neuroblastoma and is a fighter. We are here to help him beat this illness. Please pray for Shamil, his parents and siblings. Thank you. Amen.” 

Cassidy McCarthy “We love you Cassidy! Your such a brave little girl.”

Christina R, Jackie P and Connor “For all the superheroes who fought, and those who still fight this disease.” The Boning Family

Isabella Elizabeth Pine  “Our angel, always in our hearts, always missed.”

Dona  “I have watched my niece battle cancer this past year. For my niece and every child with cancer I pray for a cure.”

Sam  “Dear Sam – we will never forget your energy and strength. Nicknamed “”the beast”” by your beautiful mama we wish we could have gotten to know you longer than your precious 6 years. We remember you now and always Until We see you again in heaven!”

Jonathan Cannizzari ” LIVESTRONG Sweetie. :) “

Jennifer Cacciola  “Never, ever forgotten we love you more than words can say. We miss you always. My sweet beautiful Jenzie ____ Uncle Mike Aunt Grace and all your cousins” 

The Neumann’s  “May God bless all the little angels in heaven, and bless all who are battling cancer__” 

The Bloch Family “A prayer, a wish, and a dream for a cancer free world” 

Danielle Fioretta “Support awareness” 

“Amanda “”Mandy”” KuckWe miss you everyday baby girl. DIPG stole you from us and we will fight in your name until there’s a cure. We love you! 

Chrisina Rose RennaRemember a child who fought childhood cancer Dad and Mom”

Christina Rose Renna  We’ve been very fortunate that this horrible disease has not affected our family. With all the Renna family does to help fight this disease I couldn’t think of a better person to place this gold ribbon for.  In memory of Maggie Schmidt 

The Gianninoto Family  “Supporting childhood cancer awareness.”

Daniel Abbamonte ” Survivor of Neuroblastoma stage IV “

Kaelyn McCandless

Cassidy McCarthy  “Superhero Cassidy… battling childhood cancer “

Isabella Elizabeth Pine “In memory of my beautiful daughter who earned her wing way to soon”

Isabella Elizabeth Pine  “Miss you Bella!! God bless all of the families who have been touched by horrible cancer! Love and Prayers!”

“Amanda “”Mandy”” Kuck” “For our favorite little girl __ “

“Amanda “”Mandy”” Kuck” “We love and miss you Mandy #defeatDIPG #MandysMark “