Christina’s Story



Hello, my name is Christina Renna I am 16 years old and about a year and a half ago my life changed completely. I found out that I have cancer. It’s called Rhabdomyosarcoma. It’s easier to just say Rhabdo, which is a soft tissue cancer. I had to undergo a year of treatment just to find out that the cancer had returned. In January I had surgery, by March the cancer was back. I just completed more radiation treatment and just got back from the hospital this passed Wednesday. This has been a tough time for me but cancer has taught me a lot about myself. I found out how strong I truly am. When you hear the word cancer for the first time your life takes on a new meaning. All the things that you thought were so important turn out not to be. The things that you take for granted every day like eating, running, school, friends and even your hair now become even more special.

Relay for life give us hope for a brighter tomorrow by bringing us all together. All that I thought about these last few months as I went thought my treatments was about today and being here with all of you. The relay for life gives us the chance to strike back at this unseen enemy that hides within us. Together we get the chance to help put an end to cancer. Fighting this fight may one day save the live of someone you love or even your own life.

I would like to thank the relay for life committee for asking me to speak today. I thank everyone who has helped us especially the Knight of Columbus and the Lindenhurst community. I found it unbelievable how many people from around the world are praying for me. I hope and pray for all of us that we find a cure soon.

A friend in graphic arts class made me this shirt. I told them what I wanted it to say. It says “I’m not sick… I just have cancer.” This how I face cancer. I try to make the best of it one way or another, weather its acting like a queen or just listening to my favorite songs like “Bad Day” it helps me get by. What you do here today matters more than I hope you will ever know.

Thank you all.

~Relay for Life Speech, May 2006~