Director’s Report


Director’s Report 2016

I am proud to say that our research funding efforts, along with those of our fellow supporters—Friends of T.J. Foundation, Clark Gillies Foundation and the Michelle Paternoster Foundation—created the synergy needed to provide startup funding of over $500,000 to fund sarcoma research at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL). The research has its “home” in the lab of Dr. Chris Vakoc, who is applying a cutting-edge gene-editing technology called “CRISPR” to look for druggable targets within the genetic makeup of the cancer. CRF extends a sincere thanks to Dr. Bruce Stillman, President of CSHL, for his leadership and foresight.

This past October CSHL co-hosted its first pediatric cancer conference, “From Bench to Bedside and Beyond,” with the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer(CAC2). CRF organized this multi-day conference, which drew 150 of the top clinicians, researchers, government agencies and foundations to the CSHL campus. As a group, we discussed the current state of treatments available and the progress that is being made. More importantly this conference provided a forum to discuss the unique problems presented by pediatric cancers and potential solutions that could bring better care for the children facing these rare cancers.

CRF is playing an increasing role on a national level as we continue to work with CAC2 to unify other pediatric groups into a single voice with a driven plan to address the research and treatment needs that are so lacking. CRF
was recognized for its efforts: we were invited this past September 15th to a White House briefing on pediatric cancer and the “Moonshot” initiatives that the current administration announced to battle this deadly disease.

My vision for the next 10 years is for CRF to be a player at the national level, driving discussion to create a national agenda to ensure that our children get the newest drugs and treatments that are available. I hope that you will join us as we continue our wish for a cancer-free world.

As we take on this expanded role, CRF needs to grow in new and different ways, and we need your help! Please consider offering your talents and even your business connections. Together we can and will change the future for children with cancer!

May the whisper of an angel’s wish touch your hearts and guide our mission.

Philip Renna


Christina Renna Foundation Inc.