Director’s Report


Director’s Report 2015

The Christina Renna Foundation (CRF) continues to build a national presence by our participation with the Coalition Against Childhood Cancer (CAC2). A coalition, that we helped form two years ago. With frequent visits to Capital Hill we are creating a network of supporters which will help drive our concerns as a foundation, and just as importantly as a coalition.

Our challenge has been to bring together the thousands of pediatric foundations that exist throughout the country and get them to agree to a single set of concerns. We have made great strides in this undertaking. I know, this sounds like a Utopia, but this is happening, not by chance but by the tears that we have all shared in the common loss of family and friends to these deadly cancers. We understand that if we stand alone we will surely suffer alone. The childhood cancer community understands that we are under-served and we need to bring our concerns into the forefront as other cancer communities have.

In this spirit we will be hosting our first conference on pediatric cancer and CRF will be organizing this meeting as part of CAC2. The CAC2 board and its membership have unanimously approved the project, and just as importantly, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory will be co-hosting the conference. We extend a huge Thank You to Dr. Bruce Stillman, President of the Laboratory for understanding the important role that this conference will have in advancing our cause.

We are just as excited about the impact of the newly formed Sarcoma Research Initiative at CSHL that we are funding. For the past year, Dr. Chris Vakoc’s lab has been examining the genetic makeup of Rhabdo looking for possible drug targets. Dr. Vakoc will update us at the Gala on their newest findings and the possible therapeutics that this research could lead to.

As we begin another year, I am truly hopeful of what lies ahead of us, and together I know we will succeed.

May the whisper of an angel’s wish touch your hearts and guide our mission.

Philip Renna
Christina Renna Foundation Inc